Ultrasonic Cavitation Reactor High Pressure Ultrasonic Homogenizer

This type ultrasonic cavitation reactor,Website:http://www.toptiontech.com, high pressure ultrasonic homogenizer is often used in laboratory extraction  and chemistry reaction research, which has solve amplitude transformer and reactor sealing problems.High pressure ultrasonic reactor could equip various types chemical reactors’ accessories under high temperature, achieve reaction system gas separation and vapour phase condensation & reflux. So could use ultrasonic disperse, crush, and excitation etc multiple effect to break the solvent structure of chemical reaction material in reactor, improve reaction activity, disperse and crush particles, reduce its radius. According to actual research operation, this type ultrasonic cavitation reactor could accelerate reaction effect when powder substance participate the reaction, emulsion reaction and homogeneous reaction, etc. So this advanced practical type ultrasonic reactor could accelerate chemical reaction. Mechanical stirring reactor lid is available, could achieve the exchange of mechanical stirring and energy-gathered ultrasonic, or you also could install mechanical stirring at the top of reactor, install energy-gathered ultrasonic at the bottom. Customization info: Special capacity, special material, special pressure and special temperature could customize, max pressure could reach 40Mpa. Max temperature could reach 400℃, low temperature could reach -50℃, max ultrasonic power could customize 100KW, max capacity could customize 1000L. ModelPressure (Mpa)Temperature ℃Capacity mlUltrasonic power (w)TUHP-150ml-0.1-12.5RT-300150ml10-500w  continuously adjustable TUHP-250ml-0.1-12.5RT-300250ml20-1000w continuously adjustable TUHP-500ml-0.1-12.5RT-300500ml100-1200w continuously adjustable TUHP-750ml-0.1-12.5RT-300750ml200-1500w continuously adjustable TUHP-1L-0.1-12.5RT-3001000ml300-1800w continuously adjustable TUHP-2L-0.1-12.5RT-3002000ml400-3000w continuously adjustable TUHP-5L-0.1-12.5RT-3005000ml500-3500w continuously adjustable TUHP-10L-0.1-12.5RT-30010000ml800-5000w continuously adjustable                 


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Переводчик на выставках в Шанхае 卖方: Kitairu Trading Limited
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卖方: Xi’an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd
卖方: Xi’an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd
卖方: Xi’an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd