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L G Fertilizer Co. is one of the leading China chelated microelement overview manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional chelated microelement overview company and factory, welcome to buy best and newest discount low price and high quality chelated microelement overview products from us.Lagohidro® EDTA, EDDHA, DTPA Quick Details                                                                             Brand Name: Lagohidro®Application: Agriculture Place of Origin: Shannxi, China (Mainland) Release Type: Quick Appearance: Powder    Product Description                                                                No Residue: 100% pure, no salty residue.High solubility: 100% soluble, soluble in any kind of water.Restore quickly: Restore trace element shortage, improve the plants growth.Acid Adjust: Adjust PH solution, Stable content of solution.Labor save: Absorb completely, high effect, application cost save 30%.Mix all: Mix with most fertilizer, Pesticide, Fungicide, and Herbicide.Suitable for professional equipment cultivation, greenhouse.Specification                                                                              ProductSpecificationAppearanceLagohidro® Fe 13EDTA Fe 13%         Yellow              Lagohidro® Cu 15EDTA Cu 15%         Blue               Lagohidro® Mn 13EDTA Mn 13%         White              Lagohidro® Zn 15EDTA Zn 15%         White               Lagohidro® Ca 10EDTA Ca 10%         White               Lagohidro® Mg 6EDTA Mg 6%            White               Lagohidro® DDFE 6EDDHA Fe 6%      Dark Red          Lagohidro® AcidEDTA acid         White              Lagohidro® 2NaEDTA 2Na             White               Lagohidro® 4NaEDTA 4Na             White              Lagohidro® MixEDTA mixture        Customized    Lagohidro® DTFE 11DTPA Fe 11%     Yellow             Lagohidro® DT AcidDTPA Acid     White               Certificate                                                                                     Product Certificate:Patent for Invention   ISO9001 Fertilizer Registration CertificateCompany Honor:Package                                                                                       Package:25kg/bag, 1000kg/bagClient Customized PackingNeutral Packing: Storage: 1. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated storage conditions, avoid direct sunlight.                   2. Wear gloves and face shield when handling the products. And the expiration date will be 3 years.Company Culture                                                                         


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