Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)


Sell Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)Appearance: Colorless acicular hexagonal system crystallize Trisodium Phosphate content: (Na3PO4-12H2O)%: More than or equal to 98.2 Sulphates(SO4-2)%: Less than or equal to 0.42 Water insoluble Content%: Less than or equal to 0.05 Ferrum(Fe+3)%: Less than or equal to 0.008 Arsenic(As)%: Less than or equal to 0.005 Chloride(C1-1)%: Less than or equal to 0.026 Methyl Orange Alkalinity (Na2): 15.5-19.0 Molecular Formula: Na3PO4.12H2OPerformance Characteristics: Crystal of colorless acicular hexagonal crystal system. It can dissolve in the water and can not dissolve in the inorganic solvents. Relative Density 1.62(20 degrees centigrade), solution point 73.3-76.7 degrees centigrade(Dissolution). It can be weathered in dry air. It loses twelve crystal water and changes into no-water substance( Na3PO4) at the temperature of 100 degrees centigrade. Its water solution is alkaline and has certain erosion on the skin.Usage: As water softener in the industries such as metallurgy, chemical, textile, dyeing, paper making, electromechanics; Cleaning agent and detergent of boiler tubes, metal preservative, drying agent of dye intermediates, purifying agent of sugar juices in the sugar refinery industry, photographic developer for photography, textile mercerizing reinforcing agent, rubber milk coagulant and dental binding agent. It has some certain uses in pharmaceutical preparations. Product Quality: According to HG/T 2517-93Sample free Price interview


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