1.Properties: Classification:Sweeteners CAS No.: 50-70-4 Other Names: hexanehexol,sorbierite,Sorbitolum Usage: Sweeteners,wet storage agent,BAPTA-AM,raw materials of Vitamin C and used as additives in other juice and foods. 2.Specification: Items Scope Results Appearance White crystalline granule or powder Complied Content % ≥99 99.4 Moisture content % ≤1 0.36 Total sugars % ≤0.3 0.20 Reducing sugars % ≤0.21 0.10 Burned residues % ≤0.1 Complied Heavy metal % ≤0.0005 Complied Nickle % ≤0.0002 Complied Arsenic % ≤0.0002 Complied Chloride % ≤0.001 Complied Sulfate % ≤0.005 Complied Coli Absent in 1g Complied Total bacteria cfu/g ≤100 Complied 3.Application: Sweetener; Moisturizing agent (mainly for diabetes, liver disease, cholecystitis patients etc); So agent; Organization improver (such as can make the cake and organization, prevent starch aging); The synthesis of vitamin C raw material; Glycerin substitute. Drink a cover after the role of saccharin sodium bitter and sweet taste thick heavy things. EEC used in chocolate, candy, ice cream, edible pigment thinner; Effect of jam; Cake precast powder; Paste, etc 4.Storage and transportation 1).Due to the storage temperature of the air vapor pressure is less than the pure material when packing, vapor pressure in the air, the water will form in the crystal surface condensation. In the crystal surface formation contains solution, when air humidity is reduced, surface water evaporation make grain contact each other on the crystal bridge and bond together. So, try to reduce the packaging temperature. Prevent storage transport process, the temperature less than 30 °C condensate produce; Higher than the condensation temperature, moisture evaporates. Resulting in agglomeration. 2), strengthen screening, as far as possible to reduce fine grain bypass, cause agglomeration. 3), due to the cold air section into the wind is the temperature of saturated steam.And blowing material layer, make the material layer, and at the same time the wind cooling temperature is high, the humidity increases, take away the water. Although, freezing air after water temperature can strengthen material moisture to evaporate. But, packaging, will still form material intergranular in a higher temperature of saturated steam partial pressure. So, the proposal, strengthen the frozen water measures. 4, establish a regular return pile system. Prevent long-term stored grain formed between capillary adsorption, cause water vapor diffusion. 5.Packing: Packed in 25 kg kraft bag or fiber can, lined with a PE bag, 25kg in weight


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