Soya Acid Oil

Specifications This oil is valuable for animal feed. Ingredients Soya Acidulated Oil Oil Content ≥94% Acid Value 125~135mgKOH/g Iodine Value (Wijs Method, min) ≥121gh/100g PH Value ≤3 Water Mixed ≤3% Recommended Use Contain most of the free fatty acids isolated from crude Soyabean Oil during refining process.Good fat source in animal feeds. Description:- This product is called Soya Acid Oil, or “acid oil”. This oil is valuable for its fatty acid component and it is a high feed ingredient energy source. Application:- 1. The fatty acid component of acid oil is valued as a feedstock for soaps, distillation and purification and other industrial uses, including mining and oil-field related industries. 2. Other components of acid oil make it a valuable product in the animal feed industry. 3. soya acid oil in an all vegetable based product that increases caloric content, provides essential fatty acids and increases food utilization. 4. Other benefits include appearance improvement, ease of handling and improved pelletability.


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