Polyferric sulfate (PFS)

Polyferric sulfate (PFS) is a new type of environmental product and belongs to inorganic high mlecular flocculating agent.

1, New type, high quality, high iron salts of inorganic polymer flocculants
2, Coagulation excellent, alum dense, fast settlement
3, excellent water effect, good water quality, aluminum, chlorine, and heavy metal ion are not included, non-toxic, harmless, safe
4, turbidity remove, decolorization, oil off, dehydration, sterilization, deodorant, algal removal, remove the COD,BOD and heavy metal ion.
5, PH value of water bodies meet the range of 4-11, the best PH valuerange is 6-9, after purified, the PH value and alkalinity in the raw water has small changes, it has small corrosion to equipment
6, it has visible effect to raw water purify for slight polluted, with algae, low temperature, low turbidity. It is preferred to high turbidity raw water purification
7, dosage is small, low cost, handling charge can save 20%-50%.


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