HD-Catalytically Cracked Diesel Stabilizer Ⅰ. Profile The catalytically cracked diesel contains plenty of alkali and alkali free nitrides, and acid compounds like thioalcohol, aryl mercaptan, and naphthenates,which make the diesel oil has a poor anti-oxidant stability. During the storage process, colloids increase very fast, their color become dark rapidly; and sediments are produced as well, which lower the oil’ s capability seriously. Aiming at this problem, the Faculty of Refining, China University of Petroleum (East China), developed the HD-Catalytically Cracked Diesel Stabilizer by using the solvent extraction technology to separate the unstable fractions from the catalytically cracked diesel oil and refine the catalytically cracked diesel oil. By using the HD-Catalytically Cracked Diesel Stabilizer to refine the catalyst diesel oil, it only needs simple facilities and small investment; it is easy to operate and cost saving for installation and running. Moreover, it does not have the “three wastes”(industrial waste gas, water, and residue) problem and follows the current requirements of the environment protection. It will bring great economic benefits and invaluable social benefits to the oil refineries. HD-Stabilizer is a colorless, odorless, non-corrosive to metals, and high-tech complex additive. The additive makes use of the unique chemical property of catalytically cracked diesel oil and interacts with its most unstable component to facilitate extraction. HD stabilizer has a very good impact on improving the oxidation stability of the catalytically cracked diesel oil. With a stabilizer / diesel weight ratio of 1:150~1:200 to refine the catalytically cracked diesel oil, the diesel's color number, oxidated sediments and colloids can reach the first grade of the National Standard GB252-94 with the color number<3.5 (aging color number or color number after three-month’s natural storage), oxidated sediments< 2.0mg/100ml


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HD-Catalytically Cracked Diesel Stabilizer

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