Silicone Gel For Electronic Components Encapsulation

Silicone gel for electronic components encapsulation●Introduction2-Component Addition Cure Silicone Rubber,Website:, colorless clear liquid, vulcanizes to a very soft silicone gel, Can be made soft silicone rubber products such as breast pad, shoulder pad, patch, non-slip mat etc. This silicone gel has excellent moisture-proofing,electrical insulation property and thermal stability. Used for encapsulation of electronic and electrical components, It is used to provide protection from moisture, UV irradiation, , thermal or mechanical shock,improve the reliability of semiconductor assembly.  Feature: Excellent electric properties and chemical stability, moisture-, water-, ozone-, radiation-, and weather-proof, no corrosion, has physiological characteristics, non-toxic and odorless, low line shrinkage.Good liquidity and easy-operation.●ApplicationUsed as the silicone gluing of non-slip and heat insulation gloves,non-slip carpet and clothing and textiles.Used in the encapsulation of electronic and electrical components.●Technical ParametersG9100G9102G9103Uncured productABABABViscosity(29℃)mpa.s242023402000180020001800Mix ratio(weight ratio)111111Curing time,room temperature~120℃0.5~24h6~0.5h6~0.5hOperation time after mixture(25~30℃,hrs)0.5~6h6~3h6~3hCured elastomerPenetration (5s full core)(mm)2213±214±2Relative density(25℃,g/m3)0.980.980.98●Using methodThe two components should be mixed at a 1 : 1 ratio by weight in clean container. Quick stir to mix well. Vacuum removing air bubbles. Please prepare when using according to the need.Operational time and the vulcanization time can be adjusted according to customer requirements.●Storage and attention1、Avoid the products contact with the compound containing N,P,S,Pb,Sn,etc2、Avoid moisture which will reduce the lifetime.3、Validity period is more than 6 months, it can be used after the validity period if the test result is up to the standard●PackageIt is normally packed in 5kg, 25kg kits,transport as non-dangerous goods.


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