80 Soft Silicone Oil RH-NB-686B-2

Product Information【Product Name】Bulky Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-2【Introduction】Bulky Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-2 is Amino-modified Polysiloxane elastomer,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com, applied in super soft and bulky finishing of cotton, terylene/cotton, terylene/viscose and its blended fabrics. It can obtain excellent handle. 【Advantage】(1) It can endow the textiles with soft, bulky style. (2) The working liquid has little dye lot and little foam during the dipping or padding process. (3) It will not reduce the wet rubbing fastness basically. (4) Easy to dilute【Basic Character】Appearance: Colourless to light yellow thick pasteIonic: weakly cationicPH Value: 6.0-8.0(1% water solution)Dissolution: can dissolve in the water in any proportion【Application】Handle finishing of bulky and soft for cotton and its blended fabrics【Dilution Method】Take the dilution rate 1:2 as an example,RH-686B-2: 100Kg, Water: 200Kg, Acetic Acid: 2KgAdd RH-686B-2 100Kg in stirring machine, start stirring and add 10Kg water, stirring and then add 10Kg and stirring until the uniformity. Add the rest 180Kg. Add 2Kg Acetic Acid and stirring for 10 minutes. Filtrating (use 160mesh stainless steel), outlet and doing the package【Usage amount for reference 】 (1) Dipping Process:  Bulky Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-2 dilution    1-4%(o.w.f)(2) Padding Process:  Bulky Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-2 dilution    10-30g/L【Package】50kg or 100kg plastic barrel.【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period. 


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