Coating Wetting Agent RH-209

Coating Super Wetting Agent RH-2091. Coating super wetting agent RH-209 is a polyether-modified trisiloxane.Main content:Polyalkyleneoxide modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane  Cas no: 27306-78-1  2. Mechanism of Silicone Surfactant:The chemical structure of silicone surfactant make it have super wetting property compared with regular adjuvant. It is a superspreading surfactant.3. Product description:Coating super wetting agent RH-209 is an incredibly potent and unique surface tension reducing agent for aqueous applications.It (@0.1wt%) gives an aqueous surface tension of 21.5mN/m. It provides superior sheeting,Website:,superwetting and penetrating properties to your formulations. It Prevents crater formation in aqueous coatings when the substrate has a low surface tension.4. Key features and typical benefits:Superspreader;PenetratingSheetingEmulsifierDispersant5. Specifications: Appearance: Colourless to light amber liquidSurface Tension(0.1%): 20-22 mN/mDensity: 1.007g/cm3Viscosity(25°C): 15-35mPa.sActive content: 100%Cloud point(1% water solution)< 10℃Solubility: soluble in water ,alcohol, ether,ketone,etc6. Applications:● Water-borne coatings:Substrate Wetting Additives.Strong penetration power to millipore substrateTo enhance the leveling and flow.Gloss enhancing.Control foam and enhance air release.● Solvent based coatings:Substrate Wetting Additives.To enhance the leveling and flow.Control foam and enhance air release.Gloss enhancing.● Painting ink (water based ink,oil based ink):Substrate Wetting Additives.To enhance the leveling and flow.Control foam and enhance air release.Gloss enhancing.Special recommend: It can be used as the wetting additives in the leather finishing agent or leather coatings,also can be used as the wetting of synthetic leather release paper.Advantage:No effect on overcoat ability, can be used in primer paint.  Anti-pipe.In general,it is added in the process of paint mixing.The recommended dosage:0.5% (wt%) in solvent based system.0.1-0.2% (wt%) in water based system.You should determine the most proper concentration for your application through test.Coating super wetting agent RH-209 is surely stable and it can keep surface activities for long time in PH=6-8 liquid. If the liquid mixtures is PH=3-6 or PH=8-10,you have to test to confirm the usage.Package:IBC drum,200Kg, 50Kg, or 25Kg/Plastic barrel,or up to clients request.Storage: Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.Valid Period: 2 years             


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