Calcium Tungstate

Other Name:Calcium tungsten oxide  Molecular Formula: CaWO4 CAS No.: 7790-75-2 EINECS: 232-219-4 Density: 6.06 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) Melting Point:1620°C Storage temp. -20°C Calcium tungstate Technical Parameters     ItemUnitSpecCaWO4 mol ratio0.99~1.01Particle Size (D50)μm0.5~3.0Fe2O3wt%<0.1SrOwt%<0.1Na2O+K2Owt%<0.1Al2O3wt%<0.1SiO2wt%<0.1H2Owt%<0.5Ignition losswt%<1.0Other content                             AdjustableSize      AdjustablePacking25 kg PE liner Kraft paperApplication: Calcium tungsten Oxide powder,Website:, with good dielectric property, temperature characteristic and chemical index, has important applications on ceramic, wave Filter, Microwave device, Performance improvement of organic compounds, Optical catalyst and  luminescent material industry.


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