Calcium Copper Titanate

Calcium copper titanate (also abbreviated CCTO, for calcium copper titanium oxide) is an inorganic compound with the formula CaCu3Ti4O12.  CCTO is note worthy for its extremely large dielectric constant (effective relative permittivity) of in excess of 10,000 at room temperatureChemical Properties Chemical formula: CaCu3Ti4O12        Appearance: Brown solid Density: 4.7 g/cm3, solid                        Melting point: >1000 °C Crystal structure: Cubic                         Molar mass: 614.1789 g/molCalcium copper titanate Technical ParametersItemUnitSpecCCTO mol ratio0.99~1.01Particle Size (D50)μm0.5~3.0Fe2O3wt%<0.01SrOwt%<0.05Na2O+K2Owt%<0.01Al2O3wt%<0.1SiO2wt%<0.1H2Owt%<0.5Ignition losswt%<1.0Other contentAdjustableSizeAdjustablePacking25 kg PE liner Kraft paperApplications: 1. CCTO can be used for capacitor and resistor, new energy battery industry.2. CCTO can be applied to the dynamic random memory, that is stored DRAM.3. CCTO can be used in electronics, the new battery, solar battery, new energy vehicle battery industry, etc.4. CCTO can be used for high-end space capacitance, the sun plate, etc.5. As electronic ceramic material, CCTO can be used for dielectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, etc.


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