CAS.68-12-2 Dimethyl Formamide Dissolvant

Physical propertyLayered hybrid mixture and steam (2.51... Molecular physicochemical properties: colorless, pale ammonia liquid. C3-H7-N-O. amount 73.10. relative density of 0.9445 (25 DEG C). Melting point - 61 DEG C boiling point 152.8 DEG C flash point of 57.78 degrees. Vapor density vapor pressure 0.49kpa 3.7mmHg25 DEG C, the. Autoignition point 445 degrees centigrade. The refractive index 1.42817 solubility Delta =12.1. air explosion limit of 2.2 ~ 15.2%. With water and general organic solvent miscible with petroleum ether. In case of fire, high fever can cause combustion and explosion. With concentrated sulfuric acid, fuming nitric acid reacts violently or even explosion. A risk marker for 7 (flammable liquid) main purpose is mainly used as an industrial solvent, the pharmaceutical industry for the production of vitamin, hormone, used in the manufacture of pesticides.Chemical property[appearance] colorless liquid, there is a faint smell of the special.Dissolved in water miscible with soluble in most organic solvents.[melting] -61 degrees C[specific] 0.94 º[boiling] 152.8 degrees C (lit.)[density] 0.948 at g/mL 20 degrees C[vapor density] 2.5 (air vs)Vapor pressure of 2.7 Hg mm (20 degrees C)[refractive index] n20/D 1.430 (lit.)[flash] 136 ~ F[storage conditions] at RT. Store[water solubility] soluble[sensitivity] Hygroscopic[Merck] 143243[BRN] 605365[specific] 0.94 degree1. use as analytical reagents and vinyl acetylene, solvent  2. is the use of organic solvents, excellent for polyurethane, polyacrylonitrile, polyvinyl chloride solvent, also used as extraction agent, pharmaceutical and pesticide raw materials. 3. uses two dimethyl formyl amine is an extremely useful chemical raw materials, excellent solvent is a widely used. Can be used for wet spinning polyacrylonitrile fiber, synthetic fiber, polyurethane synthesis; used plastic film; also can be used for the removal of paint remover paint; it can dissolve some low solubility of the pigment, the pigment characteristics with dyes. Two methyl formamide for aromatics extraction and separation for recovery of butadiene from carbon four fraction separation and recovery of isoprene from five fractions of carbon, can be used as effective reagents for separation of non hydrocarbon components from paraffin. On benzene two armor The solubility of acid and terephthalic acid have good selectivity: the solubility of benzene two formic acid in two methyl formamide than terephthalic acid, solvent extraction or partial crystallization in two DMF, separated. In the petroleum and chemical industries, two dimethyl formyl amine can be used as gas absorbent, separation and purification gas. In organic reactions, two DMF is not only widely used as the reaction solvent, is also the important intermediate of organic synthesis. The pesticide industry can be used in the production of Chlordimeform; pharmaceutical industry can be used in the synthesis of sulfadiazine, doxycycline, cortisone, vitamin B6, iodine glycosides, monopar, antiminth, n- benzoyl solution sarcolysin, sarcolysin, 3P, Bian mustine, CCNU, FT-207, tranexamic acid, Mimatsu times points, megestrol, trithioanethol, chlorpheniramine and so on. Two methyl formamide in hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, Dehydration and de hydrohalogenation reaction with catalytic effect, lower the reaction temperature, the purity of the product is improved. 4. non aqueous titration reagent, and acetylene ethylene resin solvent, organic synthesis, spectrophotometric determination, gas chromatography stationary phase (maximum use temperature of 50 DEG C, using methanol as the solvent), separation of hydrocarbon C2-C5, and can are separated and isobutene -[1] and CIS, trans butene  pesticide residue quantity analysis. Organic synthesis. Peptide synthesis. The photographic industry. 


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