High Performance Permanent Oragne RL Organic Pigment Orange 34 For General Plastic CAS NO:15793-73-4

Physical PropertiesTest ItemSpecificationResultsCont of water % ≤2.50.65Soluble matter in water %≤2.00.7Oil absorption %45±547Water permeate (grade)55Oil permeate (grade)55Conductivity (µm/cm)≤250120Quality of total (ppm)200120Residues passing through(100mesh)% ≤5.04Ph value6.5~7.56.5Fastness Properties (5=excellent,Website:http://www.finelandpigment.com, 1=poor)Acid Resistance3Soap Resistance3Alkali Resistance3Bleeding Resistance3Alcohol Resistance4Migration Resistance4Ester Resistance3Heat Resistance (℃)200-220Benzene Resistance4Light Fastness (8=excellent)6Ketone Resistance3Application and Advantage Recommended for color plastic,its color shade id kind of yellowish orange,high color strength.Its light fastness is higher 1 degree than PO13.It can be used for soft PVC and PP,PE. If you have any problems,Pls leave a message freely.We will back you soon. Package and Delivery 25KG Kraft bag,400KG Carton Box. Lead Time: Normally around 15 days after signed contract.


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