D90 Detergent

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China d90 detergent manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.kefengsilicone.com, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk d90 detergent products and check the price and quotation with us.D90 DetergentDescriptionD90 Detergent is produced by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. It isan efficient degreasing agents, it does not contain APEO, suitable for all fibers and its blends of oil refining, especially with spandex elastic fibers and its blends.Also can be applied in spinning pre-treatment for degreasing.Product performanceFabrics with Lycra fibers can be particularly protected;Good ability for removing impurities, oil and wax with extraordinary extract on emulsifying power and can prevent further contamination;Compatible with the majority of dyeing auxiliaries;Environmental protection, does not contain APEO;Low foam.Product PropertiesAppearanceYellowish liquidCompositionSeveral surfactants mixtureActive ingredient content90%Density (20℃)1IonicityNon-ionicpH value (1% solution)6-7DilutabilityDiluted in water in any ratioStorage stabilityStableStabilityStable to hard water, acid, alkali and salt in dyeing bath at normal dosage.CompatibilityGood compatibility with cationic, non-ionic and anionFoamabilityLow foamEnvironmental propertyEco-Conscious StandardApplication Mainly used Detergent manufacturing,1 ton may be diluted to 5~10 tons with water, dosage as 0.3g/L-0.5g/L owf, the diluent to be used.StorageStore in a cool (below 38℃), dry and ventilated area away from sources of heat and oxides. For long-term storage, on the packing bag, pay attention to seal moisture after opening the packing bag. Shelf life: 24 months.Package190kg or 200kg per plastic drum (Package is according to customer request)


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