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Welcome to consult construction piling used apam price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:, which is one of the leading construction piling used apam suppliers in China and also a productive construction material for bored pilling work factory. Construction Technologies Clivil Engineering,Drilling TONGLI3332  is a specially treated high molecular weight Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water-base drilling fluids. It functions as viscosifying agent, shale and bore-hole stabilizer, encapsulator, bentonite extender, flocculation agent and assist with fluid loss control.Its usage is recommended for the preparation of every drilling fluid especially for: ● Water well drilling ● Mineral Exporation and drilling ● Construction material for bored pilling work. Items Anionic Polyacrylamide Specifications Results Characteristics Appearance White Powder White Powder Filter Ratio ≤2 1.5 Toxicity Non-toxic Non-toxic Solid Content ≥90% 91.3% Molecular Weight(million) HIgh High Insoluble Deposite ≤0.2% 0.13% Degree  Of  Hydrolysis(%) Medium Medium Apparent viscosity , mPa.s ≥12.5 16 Disslove Time(minute) ≤90 60 Residue Monomer(%) ≤0.05 ≤0.05 Specific advantage and benefits ● Fast swelling ● Low consumption ● Suitable in all kind of soils Preparation Mix with water using a high efficient mixer.To get best properities at least 6 hours of aging are required.Keep the mud in circulation during the use. Stroage Sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight. Packaging Bulk and 25kg paper/valve bags.


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