Multifunctional Fluid Loss CG722L

Welcome to consult multifunctional fluid loss cg722l price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:, which is one of the leading multifunctional fluid loss cg722l suppliers in China and also a productive multifunctional fluid loss cg722l factory.Multifunctional fluid loss CG722LI. DescriptionCG722LHigh temperature, wide temperature range。CG722LSalt is good, resistant to saturated brine。CG722LSystem stability, less free fluid。CG722LNot retarded, rapid strength development。CG722LGood liquidity, generally does not require additional dispersant。Especially wary:CG722L in brine and the use of high temperature systems require an appropriate increase in dosageII. Specification:ProjectIndexAppearanceColorless or light yellow liquidDensity g/cm31.15±0.05Water-solubleFull dissolvedFreezing point℃≤-10III.Slurry PerformanceProjectTechnical SpecificationsInitial consistency,Bc80℃/45min,46.5MPa≤30Thickening time,min50~150Loss of water,ml90℃, 6.9MPa≤5018% saline water loss,ml120℃, 6.9MPa≤120Free water,ml90℃,Atmospheric pressure≤3.524hCompressive strength,MPa≥14①Fresh grout composition:Class G cement (High resistance to sulfur)700g;Mixed water 308g);CG722L 28g (4%)。②Brine slurry composition:Class G cement (High resistance to sulfur)600g;Silica fume 210g(130mesh);18% Mixed brine 438 g(Contain);CG722L 48g (8%)。IV. Recommended DosageOperating temperature:Freshwater System 150 ℃ (BHCT) less; brine system 180 ℃ (BHCT) or less.Volume:CG722L general dosage is 3.0-8.0%(BWOC)Recommended dosage 4.0%(BWOC).V.Packaging and Storage1. 50kg /plastic drum, can also be based on user needs packaging.


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