Acidification Mutual Solvent JHG

Welcome to consult acidification mutual solvent jhg price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:, which is one of the leading acidification mutual solvent jhg suppliers in China and also a productive acidification mutual solvent jhg factory.Acidification mutual solvent JHGI. DescriptionJHG is a multifunctional acid in acidizing additives used, it can not only dissolve in acid and water, but dispersed in oil, has good moisture resistance, breaking resistance, corrosion inhibitors can reduce the interfacial tension anxious , cleanup agent additive adsorption of formation. Which is conducive to the acid of flowback, reduce acidification in the formation of secondary precipitation pollution and is conducive well stimulation and augmented injection wells.II. Specification:IndexItemUnitSpecificationphysical and chemicalitemAppearancecolorless to light yellow transparent liquidDensity(20℃)g/cm30.86—0.96Flash point(closed)℃≥50Surface tensionmN/m≤32Mutual Solubility%≥80PerformanceCompatibilitywith other additives can be added to the acid solution, no stratification, no precipitation and floating flocWet abilityWater wetcore flooding testAfter the core flow test through 120㎝ core, surface tension before and after the change in value is not more than 5 mN / m, the corrosion rate of the rate of change does not exceed 10%III. Recommended DosageGenerally increase the amount of 3-6% according to the proportion of pre-acidified solution, acidified liquid, the replacement liquid usedIV. Packaging and Storage1. Using 200kg metal pail, it can also be packaged according to user needs,2. Save in the shade, the shelf life of one year, during storage, if after stratification can be mixed use, does not affect the results.3. Transportation during moving light, non-inverted, with fire-fighting equipment.


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