NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer (20-20-20+TE)

Basic Info.Model NO.:(20-20-20+TE)Classification:Compound FertilizerRelease Type:QuickInfection on Soil:Physiological NeutralChemical Character:Chemical NeutralAppearance: powder or crystalType:CompostPackage:in Net 1kg,Website:, 9.5kg PP BagsSpecification:(20-20-20+TE)Trademark: lvfeng Origin:ShanghaiProduction Capacity:50000tons Per YearProduct DescriptionProduct Description100% Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer is a series of rich, balanced fertilizers for soil and soilless greenhouse crops, suitable for Nutrigation with water of varied quality and for foliar application. All are enriched with highly concentrated micronutrients.    Advantages: Fully water-solubleMade of high quality ingredientsConsists of 100% plant nutrientsVirtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plantsProvides balanced, complete plant nutritionAvailable in a wide range of formulaeIt was produced from pure raw materials which doesn't contain any toxic and radioactive substances. Micronutrients:Micro-nutrients can be added per customer's requirements: Iron (Fe)Manganese (Mn)Boron (B)Zinc (Zn)Copper (Cu)Molybdenum (Mo) Storage & Handing Precaution: Do not weld or apply heat to equipment or plant, which may have contained the fertilizer with our first washing thoroughly to remove all fertilizer. Stored in original undamaged and closed cover. Locate away from sources of heat, fire or explosion. Building used for storage should be clean, dry and well ventilated. 7. Packingnet 1kg, 9.5kg pp bags; Packing with pallets; 25MT/20'FCL.Items                           standard                              ( N+P 2 O 5 +K 2 O ), %60.0 min( N ), %                          20.0 minN(NH 4 + ),%2.0N ( NO 3 - ),%4.0N(NH 2 ) - ,%13.0( P 2 O 5 ), %                   20.0 min( K 2 O ), %                   20.0 min(Zn),%              0.02(B),%                             0.05(Mn),%0.02(Fe),%0.02(Cu),%0.01 insoluble in water                           1.0 max(H 2 O),%                         3.0 maxappearancewhite powder                                                         


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