UV Lamp For Spray Chrome

Portable hand-held uv lamp instructionsA: the scope of application:1: can be used for floor paint curing, model making, arts and crafts forming, scientific experiments, etc.2: special UV curing molding, model making, arts and crafts.3: suitable for furniture, floor surface polishing, such as artificial stone (marble surface glazing toughened) site construction, etc.4: suitable for UV glue (UV glue crystal, electronic UV glue, UV shadowless glue, UV potting glue, etc.), rapid curing, laboratory and temporary construction simple maintenance Can be used with conveyor belt form a complete set of 5: suitable for UV ink, ink, such as UV light oil coating experimental small batch production 6: car large area of UV paint, UV light oil curing, small area repair, interior decoration, etc.7: paint ageing test, the test of all kinds of scientific experiments.Features:1. This uv lamp usage convenience, adopt fission type structure, simple operation, easy to use (include power box and lamp box two parts), can be arbitrary fixed, curing from multiple perspectives.2: work power AC220v 50 hz, power saving less noise. 3: using small axial flow fan air cooling on the tubes. Light box power box connection wire length about: 3 m, input about the power cord length: 1.6 m.4: the uv lamp is equipped with automatic air switch, use safety.5: reflective aluminum radiator outside lampshade and imported mirror reflective aluminum sheet, the largest UV light refraction, strengthening drying curing effect. Method of use:1: close the power box behind the total power switch, power indicator light is lit, the machine is in standby mode. 2: after turning on the power supply, open the lamp switch after waiting for about 1 minute) after (current meter from high to low and stable, start work lamp cooling switch. 3: turn off the light switch delay after work has stopped 5-10 minutes of light restarted after cooling.4: start the uv lamp, immediately after turn off the lights don't light is a normal phenomenon, after uv lamp cooling can light up. (low winter temperatures indoors best start, low environmental temperature also affect the tubes). Matters attention1: the staff must be equipped with special uv protection glasses, must wear long sleeve clothes, to go the rubber gloves, forbid ultraviolet light irradiation directly to the skin.2: natural ventilation requirements work environment.       3: such as indoor work must assemble ventilator, ensure indoor air flow good.4: check whether earth wire grounding.5: when the fan is not normal, do not use, so as to avoid burning lamp.6: when changing a tube, don't touch the lamp with the hand, cause a mole, on the lamp in case influence the luminous efficiency, must wear clean gloves for installation.7: pay attention to maintenance the tubes, wipe on a regular basis (keep the tube surface clean), rotate 180 degrees on a regular basis, in order to guarantee the life of the tube well. Technical parametersIrradiation distance: 80-200 - mm cooling: air cooling exhaustPower density: 80-120 - w/cm brightness range value: 1000-9500 ㎡ MMJ/CSpectrum peaks: 365 nm electric source: AC220V, 50 to 60 hzLamp tube, high pressure mercury lamp Model selection 150 watts - 3 kwLamp irradiation range power supply1 kw 150 mm (tube length: 23 cm) 220 v, 50 hz2 kw 250 mm (tube length: 40 cm) 220 v / 380 v, 50 hz3 kw 350 mm (tube length: 50 centimeters) 220 v / 380 v, 50 hz500 w to 75 mm (tube length: 17 cm) 220 v, 50 hz(power box shell note grounding line)According to the customer's requirements Other models can be customizedThe instantaneous drying, high-tech environmentally friendly products                                                    


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