Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China carboxymethyl-beta-cyclodextrin manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, as a professional company, we have productive factory, which is able to produce high-quality CMBCD, 218269-34-2, carboxymethyl-β-cyclodextrin, Carboxymethyl-β-Cyclodextrin sodium salt at good price. Welcome to buy products from us.English name:Carboxymethyl-beta-CyclodextrinOther name : Carboxymethyl-β-CyclodextrinAbbreviation:CMBCDCAS No: 218269-34-2Molecular Formula :  C42H70-nO35 · (CH2COONa)nMolecular Weight : 1135.0+80 nPurity : >98%Solubility: PH>7 easily soluble in water ; PH<7 soluble in water Package: 500g/bag , 1kg/bag,  10kg/drum  or customizedUse : medical chemical other industriesSpecification :Test StandardStandardsResults Total Degree of SubstitutionCoincide with Indication7.0AppearanceWhite light yellow powder, insipid, innocentQualifyContent≥98%99.3%Loss on Drying≤4%3.2%Residue on Ignition≤20%18.60%Heavy Metal(as Pd)≤0.0025%≤0.0025%Arsenic    Salt(As)≤0.0002%≤0.0002%Total Viable Bacteria Number≤1000 cfu/g180Total Viable Count Fungi≤100AbsentSalmonella     /E.    ColiAbsentAbsentStorage: at room temperature, in tightly closed container.applications:In solution that pH<4, carboxymethyl-β-cyclodextrin (CM-β-CD) solubility is low. But in pH>4 solution that carboxyl group dissociate, CM-β-CD can dissolved in water in any concentration. It has a good solubility in the human 


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