Lignin Water Shutoff Profile System

Welcome to consult lignin water shutoff profile system price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:, which is one of the leading lignin water shutoff profile system suppliers in China and also a productive lignin water shutoff profile system factory.Oil additives series - lignin water shutoff profile systemProduct OverviewHLC series blocking agent is an oil field in the country promote the use of more than a dozen very good and efficient solid powder blocking agent, is divided into three types HLC1, HLC2, HLC3, this blocking agent is lignin sulfonate with other materials complex is made with high strength, good thermal stability, temperature, salt, easy to use, low cost, and other characteristics, suitable for sandstone reservoirs low, medium, high temperature oil well plugging and profile work, The series won the blocking agent 87 National Science and Technology Progress Award, the leading domestic level.physical and chemical propertiesProjectHLC-1HLC-2HLC-Appearancebrown powderbrown powderbrown powderTemperature  ℃50~8080~100100~130Dissolution time(30℃)60min60min60minInitial setting time  h0.5~3h0.5~3h0.5~3hApparent viscosity 104mPa·s≥15≥15≥15Recommended dosageBlocking agent dosage:      πQ = ────── Dhψ       4Where: Q──── blocking dosage, m;D──── sealing diameter, m;h──── reservoir thickness, m;ψ──── porosity,%.General formation by 7 to 10 per meter square meter, designed to block radius of 3-8 meters.2, the construction pump pressure: not more than water pressure and fracture pressure.3, the construction Displacement: generally 0.2 ~ 0.3m3 / min.Packaging and StorageUsing 25Kg triple composite bag, it can also be customized packaging. Shelf life of one year.


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