Slow Dissolving Chlorine Tablets



Slow Dissolving Chlorine Tablets
Main ingredients: Trichloroisocyanuric acid
3”Pool chlorine tablet ;200 grams tablets;
Active Chlorine: 90%,
PH (1% solution 25Deg c): 2.7~3.0;

The delivery dosage continues evenly, prevents in effectively the pool of water the chlorinate undulation;
Usage:The use in the solid chlorine piece medicine, the chlorine piece floats the cup, the pond surface skimmer, systems and so on integration filter plant.

Effervescent chlorine tablet
Effervescent chlorine tablet for emergency purification of drinking water, treating water tanks and systems. For individual use by military and civil authorities, campers, caravanners and explorers. This product has several benefits including fast dissolving effervescent chlorine tablet. can assist in pool side cleaning. Suitable for both above ground pools and paddling pools.

Available Chlorine: 50% or OEM
Size of Tablet: 0.5g~5g
Packing:50Tabs/Jar,100tabs/Jar,25kg drum


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