Common name:Glyphosate (95%TC, 10%AS, 62%IPA, 41%IPA)
Chemical name: N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine
CAS No.:1071-83-6
Molecular formula: C3H8NO5P
Molecular Weight: 169.1
95%TC: 25ky or 840kg net weight PE lined in woven bag, 20MT/1x20"GP or 18MT/1x20"GP
10%AS: 250KG/DRUM
62%IPA: 250KG/DRUM
41%IPA: 250KG/DRUM
Glyphosate is effective in killing a wide variety of plants, including grasses. broadleaf, and woody plants. It has a relatively small effect on some clover species. By volume, it is one of the most widely used herbicides. It is commonly used for aqriculture, horticulture,and silviculture purposes, as well as garden maintenance.


至: Guangzhou EHT Agro-chemical Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
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