PP Non-dripping V2 Flame Retardant Masterbatch(HXFR-TPP)

Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pp non-dripping v2 flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-tpp) manufacturers. With professional factory,Website:http://www.hx-flameretardant.com, we are able to produce universal, high performance, high cost performance, popular, steady, high capacity, and nice reputation pp non-dripping v2 flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-tpp). If you are checking China distributor, China export and import, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to buy and purchase cheap and high-quality or wholesale pp non-dripping v2 flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-tpp) from us.IntroductionHXFR-TPP consists of environment friendly flame retardant system of bromine and antimony, passed the evaluation of SGS, CTI etc. certification authority and comply with ROHS requirement. Advantage: Good compatibility with PP, high UV-Resistance, and non-blooming etc.ApplicationMainly used in PP injection and extrusion. Such as: parts used in auto, air condition, washer, fan etc. products which require high level flame retardant.IndexAppearanceWhite granularContent %88Solubility index g/min, 200℃5kg40Density g/cm³2.19Water Content %≤0.1Melting Tem℃≥160Decomposition Temp℃≥300Recommended Dosage%30%Extrusion process (Twin Screw Extruder)Note: Vacuum when production; Recommended Screw L/D 1:36-40;Recommended Screw Combination Chart52 machine (Thread Block total 40 pcs, Screw L/D1:36)132/322248/48Vent232/322348/48332/322490°/5/48448/482560°/4/32548/482616L648/482732/32764/64Vacuum2832/32864/642945°/5/48916L3045°/5/481060°/4/323130°/7/641132/323232/321232/323332/321390°/5/483448/481460°/4/323548/481545°/5/483648/481645°/5/483764/641732/323864/641860°/4/323964/641945°/5/484048/48A2032/32Feeding2132/32Thread Block ModelNumberTotal Length(mm)16L23232/321238448/48838448/48A14864/64532030°/7/6416445 °/5/48524060 °/4/32413290 °/5/48296Total401700Packing/Storage25KG/bag: Transported as a common chemical and stored in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlightAppendix:Application examples1. Formula:When use this type masterbatch HXFR-TPP, need add a certain amount of Talc to meet 1.6 or 3.2 mm UL94 V0 requirement with non-dripping and pass 850 glow wire test. Detailed mix proportion as belw:HXFR-TPP: PP: Talc or GF= 30: 50: 20MaterialsFormula AFormula BT30S5067J3404865FR-TPP3032Talc2020FR-WPP33352. Technical Data:PropertiesTest MethodsUnitT30SJ340Formula AFormula BDensityASTM D-792G/cm3³0.90.91.341.41Melt Index(200℃/5KG)ASTM D-955g/10min2.02.0Tensile strengthASTM- D638MPa31.323.323.619.8Elongation At BreakASTM-D638%350.61006.667.8769.2Flexural StrengthASTM-D790MPa27.219.235.525.7Flexural ModulusASTM-D790MPa980.4683.52061.11330.8Izod Impact Strength Notched (23℃)ASTM-D256KJ/m25.35557.227.8Flame Retardancy  3.2mmUL94--No flame retardantNo flame retardantV0V0V03. Injection Process:Injection machine Temperature SetupHeating ZoneNozzleStep 1Step 2Step 3Temperature180190200190Note:1.All the application typical data above are just for reference, not an official warranty certificate.2.Provide different design solutions according to requirement of customers.


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