PE Tubular Product Flame Retardant Masterbatch FR-PEGC02

IntroductionFR-PEGC02 using PE resins as carrier,Website:, choose different flame retardants and assist agent. The reasonable formula and technology, the use of advanced equipment, achieve the  good compatibility with PE.. Advantage: good dispersibility, good flame resistance. IndexItemFR-PEBM01FR-PEGC02AppearanceWhite GranularBlack GranularContent wt%7087CarrierPEPEDensity g/cm31.52.0Solubility Index g/min7.17.6Decomposition Temp ℃≥290≥290Water Content wt%≤0.3≤0.3Melting Temp ℃≥140120Note1.FR-PEGC02 is more suitable for blow molding of PE, cast film, wire drawing, plastic flower, wire, pipe,etc. There is no spherulites, bump and hole in production and improve the quality, appearance and percent of pass.2.FR-PEGC02 Flame retardant content high, suitable for thicker products injection molding, extrusion, easy to meet the requirements of flame retardant.3.If you have more detailed requirements for your products, we can provide different design solutions according to your requirements, In order to bring you more convenience and save more cost.Performance and AdvantageItemLDPE ResinFR-PEBM01FR-PEGC02Add 14-17%Add 20-30%--Flame Retardancy UL94 3.2/1.6mmNon flame retardantV0V0Characteristic-No crystal point,good dispersibility,high cost ratioHigh content of flame retardant Packing/Storage25KG/bag: paper-plastic composite plus polyethylene lining plastic bag packaging, stored in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.


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