Magnetic Control Vacuum Coater

Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional magnetic control vacuum coater manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.The technological principle of the magnetron sputtering coating How the membrane materials are plated to the parts? Sputtering principle of plasma bombardmentSputtering is closely related with our lifeThe strong light made by welding or arc ---Fluorescent lamp lighting (fluorescent material at the ion or electron) -Thunder in the sky also can produce plasma--CRT monitors and plasma release ultraviolet (uv) light, to illuminate the phosphors.Sputtering Principle1.Definition: sputtering refers to solid surfaces can charge particles bombarding (target), make the solid atoms (or molecules) from the surface phenomenon. 2.With more than dozens of electron volts kinetic energy of the beam irradiation solid surface, give atoms near the solid surface energy and injection from the surface phenomenon 3.Glow discharge conditions: * vacuum for 10 1 ~ 10-2 Torr * into the process gas (usually the Ar gas) * suitable for the voltage.The advantages and disadvantages of magnetron sputtering deposition Advantages:1.It can be use on almost any plating membrane material of target material, and can be multi-layer composite membrane plating2.After coating composition, process good repetition, high controllability3.Higher sputtering atomic energy, and easy to obtain better uniformity, stability and dense membrane layerDisadvantage1.The film-forming rate is lower than evaporation coating2.Substrate by ion or electron bombardment, high temperature, not suitable for plastic products of low melting point.3.The low vacuum coating, short free path and be affected by foreign gas membrane layer.Sputtering target material typesSputtering target material according to the classification of shape: rectangular planar target only, circular planar target, cylindrical target materialFlexible to choose the type of substratesThe constitution structure of vacuum coating machineElectronics, communications products EMI sputtering coating process


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