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Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional big flow ultra pure water equipment manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.Ultra pure water equipmentIndustrial ultrapure water equipment, EDI ultrapure water Working principle: EDI is a kind of ion exchange technology, ion exchange, membrane technology and ion migration technology with the combination of pure water manufacturing techniques. It skillfully combining electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, using electrodes and pressure on both ends to make the water moving charged ions, and cooperate with the ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane to speed up the ion movement, so as to achieve the goal of water purification. In the process of EDI desalination, ion under the effect of electric field by ion exchange membrane are cleared. At the same time, the water molecules under electric fields produce hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions, the ions for continuous regeneration of ion exchange resin, to help maintain the best conditions of ion exchange resin. Lower TOC will also be more stable. Usually produced water resistivity about 15 ~ 18 m Ω. Cm. High purity water is very important for many industrial and commercial projects, such as semiconductor manufacturing industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Before the industrial pure water is achieved by ion exchange. However, membrane system and membrane process as a pretreatment process or substitute for ion exchange system is more and more popular. Such as electric desalination process (EDI) system can be very clean to remove minerals and can work continuously. Moreover, than ion-exchange membrane process on the mechanical system is much simpler, do not need to acid, alkali regeneration and waste water neutralization. EDI process is one of the fastest growing business in membrane process. EDI with special sink, sink in the flow passage of filling the mixed bed ion exchange resin. EDI is mainly used for the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) for 1-20 mg/L water made 8-17 megohm pure water. Structure features: 1 PE materials, fresh water separator adopts health level 2, EDI diaphragm adopts imported homogeneous membrane and domestic phase-out ion exchange membrane 3, USES the import EDI for all resin and domestic EDI for all resin 4, EDI electric plate with titanium ruthenium plating technique 5, keep plate using a hard squeeze casting alloy aluminum. 6, fixed screw with gb standard Seven of the film, the factory top test 7 bar not leaking Eight of the film, low resistance, low consumption 9, decorative appearance modelling beautiful and strong 10 of the film, the maximum water treatment 3 t/H, minimum modulus of process water 75 l/H 11, pure water, strong water, a water channel design is reasonable, not easy jam, uniform water distribution, no dead Angle.Full automatic spray chrome equipmentFull automatic spray chrome lineSemi-auto spray chrome equipmentspray chrome equipment unit


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