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Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional auto spray painting equipment, automatic spray painting equipment, automatic paint spraying equipment, auto spray painting machine, auto painting machine, manual spray paint machine, automatic spray equipment, automatic paint equipment manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.Automatic paint spraying machine mainly automatic spray gun, spray paint room, etc. Characteristics of spray paint indoor according to the product shape is installed automatic gun. Automatic operation, improve the production efficiency, spray paint thickness. Is worth promoting advanced products in the 21st century.CLEAN ROOMRecyling spray booth    1, the plant area: 20m * 15m    2, plant layout: 1. Product suspend region; 2 on-line, off the assembly line packaging area;3, Dust Zone  4 spraying and curing zone..    3, spraying environment: 100,000 purification plant, 10,000 clean room spraying operations;    4, the line structure: to design a coat one bake, two Tu two bake, three-coat three-bake line body, is custom-made, endless cabinets delivery according to customer requirements;    5, the delivery mode: automatically track chain conveyor line body length according to customer request custom production    6, the conveying speed: V = 1-25m / min adjustable; design speed: 3-5m / min;    7, the workpiece material: plastic, glass, ceramics;    8, spraying: fixed automatic spray gun, (positive and negative rotation mechanism unit, belt wear, high temperature);    9, baking methods: infrared electric heating and drying curing (0-70 ℃) adjustable + ultraviolet UV light curing;    10, purification: whole plant color wall plate; green decorative self-leveling epoxy floor;    11, the air supply system: supply fresh air cooling system, exhaust means is provided for outdoor installation;spraying process:Tooling on line— automatic electrostatic precipitation →  spray primer—primer leveling → light curing → cooling → → automatic electrostatic dust— spray top paint—top paint leveling → UV light—ured paint curing cooling →→ member under article checkpackaging.UV curing oven picture


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