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Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional electric oven manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.Advantages:1.Factory direct sale2.One year warranty,100% inspection before delivery,100% trade assurance protection3.Advanced microcomputer control system4.Fast infrared lamps drying system(Diesel or gas drying can be customized)5.Installation instruction service6.Experienced in shipping.CE Professional Factory Electric Heating Car Paint Curing OvenInside Dimenions6900*3900*2650(mm)(L*W*H)Outside Dimenions7000*5500*3300(mm)(L*W*H)Entrance DoorAluminum alloy binding framework(thickness: 1.8mm),1 set folding door size: 3000*2600(mm)(W*H)Personal Door1 set side hung door:700*1700mm(W*H)Wallboard50mm EPS(epispastics polystyrene )insulation material with S=0.426 two side steel panelLighting SystemLamp boxes are 45 fixed on upper two side,with 8 groups*3pcs=24pcs 16w energy saving LED lampAir Intake and Exhaust SystemWith 2pcs centrifugal air blowers,Total parameter:YOW5.6m.2*4kw.25000m3/hWith 1pcs centrifugal air blower,Single parameter:TAE-710H.5.5KW.18000m3/hCabinet SettingIntake air from upside,downside exhaust wind.Frame is made of tube 50*50mm, body plate is made of galvanized plate(thickness:0.8mm).Air ductMade of Galvanized plate(Thickness is 0.6mm),700*700*1000,2 pcs straight,1 pc elbowHeating System30pcs infrared carbon fiber heating lamps,800W/piece.The operating temperature:50℃-75℃.Max.temperature:80℃Filtration SystemFilters1.Air inlet with prefilter.2.Ceiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.3.With three layers of activated carbon, plus an Environmental protection cabinet.The Air filtration efficiency is more than or equal to 98,its Exhaust emission reaches the national standard.RoofGalvanized steel panelBasementHigh performance antirust treatment grille galvanized and checkered plate(2 rows of checkered plate,3 rows of grilles).Channel steel column.2pcs antirust treatment ramps:2000*630mm(L*W).Control SystemMicrocomputer touchable control system,Painting , Baking, Temperature Controller,Light Switch, Breakdown Indicator, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, and Time SettingVoltage Frequency380V 50HZLight Intensity1000luxesAir Flow Speed0.25m/sTotal Power38.5KWInstallation instructions and the matters need attentionInstallments and operating instructions1. Please turn on the power correctly, the zero line and the ground. 380 v three-phase five wire (blue for zero/double color for ground) : 220 v for three wire type.2. Check electric oven electrical properties in advance before connect power, and whether there is a power outage or leakage phenomenon should be paid attention to3. When turn on the oven power, the power indicator turns red, the voltmeter point to 380 v / 220 v. Press the system startup button, temperature controller have electricity, wind motor start work, open the heating switch, start heating instrument temperature is SET to the required temperature, temperature setting: instrument PV show the actual furnace temperature/SV display SET temperature, press SET first, and the SV display value flashing, moved to the bits you need/ten/one hundred and then press ▲ bring with increasing temperature, or press ▼ reduction to reduce the temperature, the final press SET key to determine what you SET temperature. The SV display value to stop flashing and automatically heating (heating instructions green light, current meter rotation) will automatic constant temperature oven.4. Super temperature setting: in general, over temperature set temperature must be higher than the thermostat set temperature of 10 to 15 ℃, when over temperature, over temperature alarm and cut off the main power supply, breaking all heating systems, wind motor is normal working , when the over temperature thermostat is lower than the set temperature control instrument, according to the normal heating system to work normally.5.High precision digital display timer automatically adjustable set timer time 999 minutes, 1, 2, 3 key on the panel respectively corresponding to the display value of, ten, hundred, after the time needed for any modification, there are three gear timer switch, intermediate gear for time out (with manual/automatic timing) manual timing for electric power system automatic timer began to reach the set time after, opens the door to take out the productThe matters need attention1. This oven is normal temperature oven: it is forbidden to bake inflammable and explosive/volatile and corrosive materials.2. Items placed the oven should not be too crowded, so that the cold and hot air convection from blocking, to maintain uniform temperature3. The oven cannot exceed the highest temperature when using, do not change the parameter in the thermostat4. Top of the oven has air inlet/out of port, not plug, and the environment requires the best aspirant exhaust duct to outdoor.5. Oven please don't install in damp places, please do not directly wash with water.6. Oven in the high temperature operation, must wear good protective device, to prevent burns!7. In time to cut off the power supply after baking, to ensure safety.8. Non-professional workers do not operate and repair the machinemini spray chrome machinespray chrome equipment unitFully automatic spray chrome equipment


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