L2 Fingerprint Door Lock

Brief Introduction

  1. This lock has 2 different kinds of lock body for your option, American standard and European standard.
  2. 4 units of AA alkaline batteries can keep longevity and stability of this lock.
  3. This lock shell is used chrome plate and never wears out after using for a long time.
  4. Users can open the door through fingerprint, password and mechanical key.
  5. It adopts new version of Korean algorithms with dependability, accuracy and security.


  1. Low power consumption with 4 units of alkaline battery.
  2. It can store 60 fingerprint templates (5 administrators and 55 users).
  3. High accuracy of identification, FAR is less than 0.0001%; FRR is less than 0.01%.
  4. The slide cover design prevents keypad and fingerprint sensor from dust, sunlight and water to prolong its lifetime.
  5. No matter good or bad fingerprint, the identification time is always 0.7 seconds.
  6. 3 different kinds of verification modes, fingerprint, password and key.


Technical Parameters

  1. Shell Surface: Chrome plates
  2. Keypad: 12 (Number 0-9, *, #)
  3. Power Supply: DC6V, 4 units of AA alkaline batteries
  4. Fingerprint Capacity: 60
  5. Finger Operation Angle: 360 degree
  6. Sensor: Optical fingerprint scanning
  7. Super Abrasion Resistance :500DPI
  8. Verification Mode: 1:N
  9. False Reject Rate: < 0.01%
  10. False Accept Rate: <0.0001%
  11. Identification Time: <0.7 seconds
  12. Static Power: 10uA
  13. Dynamic Power: 250mA
  14. Working Mode: Standalone, can work persistently
  15. Verification Mode: Fingerprint, Password, Key
  16. Size: 270*67mm
  17. Net Weight: 4.5 kg
  18. Gross Weight: 5.5kg
  19. Warranty : 12 months
  20. Temperature and humidity: -15 to 55 degree, 20%-80%
  21. Lock Body: American-standard and Euro-standard
  22. Applications: Factory/Office/Bank/Hotel/Laboratory etc



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