L-Carnitine Hydrochloride

L-Carnitine Hydrochloride

CAS NO: 6645-46-1

Molecular weight: 197.6598

EC NO: 229-663-6

Molecular formula: C7H16ClNO3

Alias:L-(-)-Carnitine hydrochloride; (r)-3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-n,n,n-trimethyl-1-; propanaminiumchloride; (r)-carnitinehydrochloride; 3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-n,n,n-trimethyl-,chloride,(r)-1-propanaminiu; l-(3-carboxy-2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammoniumchloride; lc-80; l-carnitinechloride; levocarnitinechloride; L-CARNITINE HYDROCHLORIDE, SYNTHETIC; (2R)- (9CI); 1-Propanaminium, 3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-; (R)- 1-Propanaminium; 3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-, chloride, (2R)-; (2R)-3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethylpropan-1-aminium chloride

Characteristic: The product is white crystalline powder, and highly soluble in water, alcohol, but insoluble in acetone. And it is easy that the product turns to yellow exposure to air.

Application: Pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and feed additive.

Package: 25 Kg/fiber drum or as request


Appearance: white crystalline powder

Content: 98.0 ~102.0%

Water content: NMT 1.00%

Specific rotation: -21.50°~-23.50°

pH (1%water solution): 2.3 ~ 2.6

Heavy metal (Pb): NMT 0.001%

Arsenic (As): NMT 0.0002%

Residue on ignition: NMT 0.5%


至: Binzhou Yuantong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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