Dicumyl Peroxide



 DCP Chemical name Dicumyl Peroxide        Molecular formula   C18H22O2  Molecular weight 270.38  CAS NO. 80-43-3  UN NO. 3110  EINECS. 201-279-3

Brief Introduction DCP is white crystalline.Melting point of 41 - 42 . Relative density of 1.082.Decomposition temperature 120 - 125  room temperature stable. Gradually become yellowish under light. Insoluble water, soluble ethanol, ether,acetic acid, benzene and petroleum ether. Mainly used as a curing agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, initiator of polymerization, also be used for polyethylene resin cross linking agent. Theoretical Active Oxygen 5.92% (purity 100%), 5.62% (95% purity); Half Life Data: 100hr, Half Life Temp  101℃ 10hr, Half Life Temp  117℃ 1min, Half Life Temp   171℃


Testing Item    First Glass        Standard Glass Melting point       MIN 39.0           38.5 Total volatile contenT   MAX  0.20          0.40 Concentration        MIN 99.5         98.5        Melt color (Pt-Co) MAX 100                      150

Package and Storage 20kg,Carton Storage in dry and ventilative warehouse, avoid rain, moisture. Away from fire and heat, avoid exposure, with no direct contact with the acid or mixed. Shelf life of two years.



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Dicumyl Peroxide

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