Copper Chromite Black Spinel High tinting strength pigments

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  • CAS No.: 68186-91-4
  • Other Names: Pigment black 28
  • EINECS No.: 269-053-7
  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
  • Usage: Coating Pigment,Ink Pigments,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Glass, Masterbatches and so on
  • Brand Name: De Ruo
  • Type: Copper
  • Style: Inorganic Pigment
  • Color Index Name: Pigment Black 28,PBlk28
  • Color Index Number: 77428
  • Appearance: Black powder
  • Chemical Composition: Cu/Cr Oxide
  • Crystal Pattern: Spinel Pattern


    Copper Chromite Black Spinel
    1.High tinting strength pigments
    2.Non-toxic pigments
    3.Acid & alkali resistance



    Pigment Black 28 is one kinds of environmental protection pigments, which is internationally recognized as non-toxic pigments.It has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, lightfastness, chemical resistance, as well as good hiding power.

  • Applications:

    It is mainly used in high temperature (resistant) coatings, ceramic, enamel, coil coatings, long-lasting coatings, glass coloring, high temperature resistance engineering plastics and food contact plastics, as well as art paint , etc.



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