Fabric Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose

Fabric reinforced concrete pump hose, also called fabric reinforced concrete placement hose, is also widely used in many large concrete projects, such as buildings, large dams and swimming pools. The structure of fabric reinforced concrete pump hose is the same as that of steel wire reinforced concrete pump hose. In other words, it is also composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. Tube is made from high quality chloroprene rubber, making it have excellent abrasion resistance performance. Reinforcement is made from multiple layers of polyester cord, which has two types: super textile cord and premium textile cord. Cover is made from chloroprene rubber, which is resistant to weather, ozone, cut, abrasion and corrosion. This type of concrete hose can reduce the workload of workers. Besides, it has less harm to workers.

Fabric reinforced concrete pump hose is suitable for various concrete wet spraying machines, pumps and other pneumatic equipment of cement and mineral products delivery. It is highly resistant to abrasion, making it work well in extremely harsh working conditions. And its excellent abrasion resistance performance prolongs its service life. It has good flexibility, making it easy to handle for workers. What's more, its structure makes it resistant to kink. Besides, it is easy to clean and it can bear the reverse negative pressure in the cleaning process.


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Fabric Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose
Fabric Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose

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