Wood Preservative

Termisolve is good for wood.


Termisolve is one of the best wood preservative which is available in many formulations.


Termisolve protects wood and wood products from fungi, decay, moist, termites, wood borers etc. and environmental factors.


Since, a long time Termisolve is protecting wood from wood enemies.


Termisolve has proven track record of quality.


Termisolve is available in many formulations i.e. solvent borne and water borne.


Solvent borne wood preservative are creosote base, copper naphthenate base, zinc base, and many more.


Water borne wood preservative are CCB, copper naphthenate, copper HDO, silicate base,ACQ and many more.


Termisolve deeply penetrates in wood.


Termisolve is easy to apply. One may brush it, swab it or spray it. It is friendly for vacuum pressure treatment.


Termisolve is ideal for plywood, wood, wood engineered products, block boards, particle boards, wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc. etc.


Termisolve is approved and appreciated by plywood manufacturing units, wooden pallets manufacturers, box manufacturers , architects, builders, projects etc. etc.


Termisolve is available in various packing from 250 ml to 200 liters and 1 gl and 5 gl for international market.


Termisolve do not leach in soil and water.






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