crude iodine 94%min to 99.8%max

We are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of top quality crude iodine 94%min to 99.8%max.(Industrial grade) in prills ,crystals and lumps forms in great quantity to America,Asia,Europe and the world out large. We are a renowned company located in Our crude iodine 99.8% is of Eu standard and is recommended internationally.

Our prices are competitively good and negotiable. Delivery takes 15 to 28 days by sea and 2 to 3 days by air plane.

We also supply Methoprene, Fipronil, Actavis Promethazine as well as other chemicals.

For our crude Iodine, get specs below.

Product.:Crude Iodine [CAS # 7553-56-2]
Appearance: Bluish-black(Violet)
Prills . total mass of iodine - min 99.8%
Fraction of total mass of chlorine and bromine(inre-calculation to Cl2) - max 0,015 %
Fraction of tota
total mass of non-volatile residuum - max 0,04 %
Fraction of total mass of sulphates - max 0,01 %
Packaging: Plastic drums with PE inner bags,20-50 kgs net.

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crude iodine 94%min to 99.8%max
crude iodine 94%min to 99.8%max
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