PA speaker wooden active


Functional characteristics

★ wooden multimedia speaker, beautiful music performance, clear voice restored, suitable for primary and secondary school classrooms using multimedia

★ 2-way micro interface. 2 stereo line inputs, which along with a broadcast signal priority function, a perfect match with the broadcasting system.

★ micro and line level can be adjusted independently

★ micro output 5V phantom power

★ box comes with gourds hanging, easy installation, effectively enhance the engineering and maintenance efficiency.



Power: ≥35W + 35W, Impedance: 4Ω;

Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz;

Units: 3-inch woofers * 1,1 * 1-inch tweeter

Divider: 1.8KHz; Sensitivity: 80dB ± 1dB;

Maximum SPL: 98dB. Input: two mic inputs, two stereo line input (the way in which the broadcast signal interface);

Box Type: backward type;

Cabinet Material: Wood (black) box, cotton net;

Installation: hanging back;

Cabinet size 150 * 130 * 240 (Unit: mm);

Weight 2.7kg.


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PA speaker wooden active
PA speaker wooden active

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