PVC Fascia Board

PVC Fascia & Barge BoardBuckhead PVC foam fascia and barge board system were the perfect replacement for traditional materials. The cellular structure of the board's core makes it extremely lightweight and tough,Website:http://www.pvcbuildingproducts.net, while the co-extruded UV resistance outer skin provides rigidity, durability and super quality maintenance-free finish.PVC Fascia & Barge System Features- lighter weight design was easy for transportation and installation;- co-extruded outer skin for highest UV performance and impact resistance;- no water absorption and slight expansion allowance;- use standard woodworking tools to cut, screw and nail;- maintenance free, moist and corrosion resistance, no need repainting;- protective film to avoid surface scratches and stains before installed;- 30 years factory warranty on aging resistance and color changing.PVC Fascia & Barge Technical Date Specification (W×T)225mm×8mmStandard WeightModel A: Fascia 1.36 kg/m, Barge 1.71 kg/mModel B: Fascia 1.20 kg/m, Barge 1.55 kg/mModel C: Fascia 0.90 kg/m, Barge 1.15 kg/mShore Hardness Test72 HDVicat Softening Point70 °CDimensional Shrinkagevertical +1.9% / horizontal +0.4%Water AbsorptionNilTensile Strength15MPaDensity0.55 g/cm3Complete System Parts NameSpecificationPackageFascia Board3.0m/4.0m/6.0m6 pcs/bundleBarge Board3.0m/4.0m/6.0m6 pcs/bundleFascia Connector70 g/pc200 pcs/cartonFascia End Cap (L/R)43 g/pc200 pcs/cartonBarge Connector88 g/pc200 pcs/cartonSUS316 Poly-top Nail40mm/50mm4000 pcs/box


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