U71mn 50kg Heavy Steel Rail

U71mn 50kg heavy steel railProduct introductionHeavy rail is the rail with nominal weight more than or equal to 30kg per meter. It requires higher toughness, wear resistance, crushing resistance and brittle fracture resistance. Production process demands strict quality requirements, in addition to guarantee its chemical composition, also requires testing mechanical properties, drop test and acid corrosion at low inspection organization, etc.Main applicationsMainly used as dedicated tracks of 10-20 tons’ crane, overhead crane and hoist. And also used as branch line in the coal transportation of power plant.Product specificationsType: 50kg light railSize (mm)Rail height: 152Bottom width: 132Head width: 70Waist thickness: 15.5Material: 45Mn/50Mn/U71MnTheoretical weight kg/m: 51.514


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