The advantages and application of soil nails

As an reliable and economical anchoring solution,soil nails has been widely used in the mining,tunneling,foundation support,hydroelectric project and slope stabilization and so on,after so many years of exploration and development,the technology of the application of soil nails has became marture and been identified by our clients around the world.

Owing to the special configuration of soil nails,here are some benefits especially for civil constructions.

1)High-efficiency:the soil nails provide a great effect for the operation with its capability of combining drilling,anchoring and grouting together in a single anchoring process,this kind of method is reliable,versatile,convenient,energy-saving,time-saving and so on.

2)It is suitable for complicated rocks where it’s hard for the drill machine to operate a borehole,such as loose soils,broken rocks,sandy,gravel and so on.


3)Strong suitability:with coverage of full thread around the soil nails,the anchor bolt can be connected or splited at any point and it is also applicablt to every complex ground conditions.



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