Sinorock has significant experience in soil nail

Sinorock has significant experience and know-how in the supply of materials, components, finished goods, specially designed/engineered equipment, and services from China. The company caters to medium to large scale clients who are doing projects and capital expansion, as well as to firms who require support with consumable products, maintenance, and repair operations.
Sinorock provide soil nails for a large of compaines.There introduce some characteristics of our soil nail products.
Soil nail means a rod that transfers the structures or geotechnical load to a stable rock formations, it consists of rod, drill bit, coupling, plate, grouting stopper and nut. It has been widely used in tunnling, mining, slope stabilization, tunneldiseases treatment and roof supporting of undergroundworks. It is for loose ground(clay, sand friable etc.) Hollow anchor rod is made of seamless tube with high strength.
Features of Sinorock soil nails:

• Particularly suitable for difficult ground conditions. 

• A high rate of installation since drilling, placing and grouting can be performed in one single operation. 

• Self drilling system eliminates the requirement for a cased borehole. 

• Installation with simultaneous drilling and grouting possible. 

• Easy installation in all directions, also upwards. 

• Suitable for working in limited space, height and in areas of difficult access. 

• Simple post grouting system.
• Hot-dipped galvanizing for corrosion protection 


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