FRP sheet

Daison FRP WALL and CEILING PANELS Daison fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP) panels are being produced with continuous lamination technology by Daison Composite Materials Co.,ltd. Daison FRP panels are new generation building materials which are specially engineered for buildings where minimum maintance and maximum sanitation is required. Features Resistant Against Moisture FRP materials are resistant against moisture. They do not rust, corrode and do not allow formation of mold and mildew. Ease of Cleaning Dirt and grease could be cleaned off easily. The panel is highly resistant against chemicals and stains. Tough Daison FRP panels are highly resistant against impacts, scratches and abrasion. Easy to Install FRP panels could be easily drilled and cut. Accessories The nylon moldings and rivets are available COMMON APPLICATIONS * As suspended ceilings * As door panels for PVC frames * Refrigerated warehouses * Food processing plants * Hospitals * Medical laboratories * Chemical laboratoriesTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Thickness : 0.8mm—6mm Finish : Get coat. or sub gloss Colors: white, almond, beige, grey, ivory, RAL colors Flexural strength : 1.200 kg/cm2 (17.000 PSI) Flex modulus : 42.180 kg/cm (2600.000 PSI) Tensile strength: 565 kg/cm2 (8.000 PSI) Tensile modulus: 66.560 kg/cm2 (943.000)Barcol Barcol hardness: 50 Water absorption: 0.17 Available fire grades: Class A - Class C ( ASTM E-84 ), Class 1 -3 (BS 476-7) Available sizes: 4'*8' (122 cm * 244 cm) & please ask for availability of other sizes.CHEMICAL AND CORROSION RESISTANCE Some of the common chemicals which FRP sheets against are as follows: CHEMICAL CONCENTRATION* Acetic Acid 5 % Chloric Acid 10 % Nitric Acid 10 % Sulphuric Acid 30 % Etyl Alcohol 95 % Benzyl 30 % Toluol 30 % Carbon Sulphur 30 %INSTALLATION DAISON FRP panels should only be installed over solid wall surfaces (wood, plasterboard, etc.). Wall surfaces should be clean, flat, dry and smooth. Unsmooth wall surfaces should be made flat for best results. Liner panels will form to the contour of the wall surface when attached. Clips or caulking are recommended to hold ceiling panels in place. STORAGE & PREPARATION Daison FRP panels should be stored in a dry area. It is not recommended to store panels outdoors. Panels should be unwrapped and removed from skid and stacked on a flat, dry surface. Standard fire-safety precautions should be taken when storing and using panels.


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FRP sheet
FRP sheet

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