Black Marble PPGI

Black marbe color coated steel sheetSpecificationThickness of coating:top is 25um.Material of coating:PVDF.Thickness: 0.2-1.0mmWidth: 1000-1250mmRoll diameter: 508mm/610mm1standardJIS,Website:, G331220’container delivery with around 25MT.5 adhesionfirst2materialSGCC, CCC, DX51D6 flexibility180%3servicelife>=30 years7durabilitygeneral, higher level, advanced4weight3-5t8normal colorIvory, lime, sky blue, sea blue, titanium white, or according to your requirementAdvantage: With no pollution, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing characteristics etc.TypeGrade(Classified based on the types of substrate)Yield strengthCompressive capacityElongationHot-dip pure zinc(Z)Galvanized iron alloy(ZF)Hot-dip aluminum zinc alloy(AZ)Hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy(ZA)ReL/MpaRm/MpaA80mm/%JISReL/MpaRm/MpaA50mm/%CGCCCGCCCGLCCSZACC≥205≥270CGCD1CGCD1CGLCDSZACD1≥270≥36CGCD2CGCD2SZACD2≥270≥38CGCD3CGCD3CGLCDDSZACD3≥270≥40


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