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Olingen Building Material System Co.,Ltd is one of the leading u shape board manufacturers and suppliers China,Website:http://www.olingen-building-panel.com, with professional factory we are able to produce customized and latest design u shape board CE, welcome to wholesale cheap and discount u angle pipe, u styrofoam board, u pipe boxing, u pipe cladding, u pipe casing and get free sample from us.U shape boardOlingen BEST XPS angled board are ideal waterproof and insulating materials to enclose water pipes, bathtubs and shower trays by only using tile adhesive and fixings. Tiling can be finished directly on them. Compared with traditional ways, Olingen XPS angled boards can save your time and money a lot with quick and easy installation.DimensionsProduct nameSize(mm)w*LL-style width(mm)Sheets/cartonL-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500300*30010L-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500200*40010L-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500150*15010U-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500200*200*20010U-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500100*400*10010U-shaped20*1220/2440/1250/2500150*300*15010ApplicationsTips :Sample: offer free sample on clients' courier account. samples are available within 3-5 working days Lead Time: Normally one container order needs 25-30 days .MOQ: 100 Pieces Payment Terms: 40%deposit before production,60%balance before products exit warehouse.Trade Port: Ningbo or Shanghai


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