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Product introductionActivity partition also called partition,Website:, exhibition board, mobile screen, mobile partition, mobile screen and mobile sound barriers.Name:Activity partitionMaterial:Fabric, MDFWidth:800-1200mm or can be customizedHigh2000-4500mm or can be customizedAcoustic Coefficient:30-60dbcolorRed or can be customizedPositioninteriorAdvantage1.Overhead type track, you just need to install the orbit on the floor or on the rack, there is no track on the floor, have no damage on the ground.2.Unique aluminium materials ,which can be used for painting.3. It is convenient to collect,plate can be hide in special coffer, have no effect to the whole appearance.4. It is widely used for many occasions.Theory1. Activity partition is exclusively used as the facade of the separation in the interior space, its' application is more flexible, it usually produce the blocking effect, generally don't do it under the board, some of it even can move.The biggest difference between partition and wall is that a partition is made under the plate, that is to say, the height of the facade is different.2. The operate method of scalability fully embody the people-oriented concept, flexible tactile touch, spring operation became more safe and durable.3. You can install the one entrance door or the double door according to the requirement.4.The surface of the panel can match a variety of finishes in order to achieve decoration effect of the different styles.ApplicationThe most popular way of activity partition is dimming glass partition at present. This is activity partition with real high-tech multi-functional way, which can cut space effectively,and can  choose openness of illicit close sex of the space easily ,can be also used as whiteboard when demonstrating the project in the partition wall at any time. Mastering many skills while specializing in one.


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