Plastic injection moulds

HengLian have reliable group which could attend to research,to development, to the mould design and to new products conceived with new technologies;followingISO9001:2000 system. 

We operate mainly in the following fields:

Moulds and parts for Automotive and home appliances

Moulds and parts for medical and paramedical device 

Moulds and parts for communications 

Moulds and parts for environment clean 

Moulds and parts for automobile 

Moulds and parts for electronics                                                                                    Moulds and parts for National Defence Equipment 

Moulds and parts for Science and Education Products 

henglian locate in Shenzhen China,abut HONGKONG,anear to the port and airport.

HengLian Precision Mold (Huangyan) Co., Ltd. is the first and only branch in China Mould Town of HengLian Precision Mold Co.,Ltd.,mainly engaging in designing and manufacturing automotive mould, motorcycle mold and home appliance mould. It's the very important bridge for the company to combinethe advanced technology in these two areas and promote its own development.


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Plastic injection moulds
Plastic injection moulds

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