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Description  It applicable to high ways,railway deck,public engineering and concrete pavement chiseled,mended,reinforced.In the process of using,it improve the working efficiency and the quality,to achieve the uniform roughness in working face,to promote the service life and safety factor.The scabbler head is high quality tungsten steel,high hardness,high hitting quality. Main application Mainly apply to reservoir, dam leakage, dangerous bridge reinforcement, power plant, highway, high-speed railway, tunnel, and other types of building reinforcement and concrete construction projects. The old floor renovation before the flooring; removal of damaged part of the ground raised; epoxy resin floor chiseling; ground slippery surface; surface layer wool with high effect and high efficiency, make your construction quality has an unprecedented effect.

Product Feature

  1. 2.The scabbler head is high quality tungsten steel,high hardness,high hitting quality. 3. Small machine, lightweight, especially suitable for small range, multi angle cutting hair.

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Technical parameters of Handheld type two Tungsten steel head concrete floor scabbler Weight:6kg Hit number:3*2400 number/min Capacity:0.9square meters/5kg Chisel head diameter:31mm Cutting width:100mm Chiseling capacity:4-8square meters/h Cut depth:2-4mm 5-10sp.m/h The above-mentioned cutting is refers to the value of concrete strength between the C30-C40. The active degree of the concrete strength and the cutting head, chiseling efficiency will differ.


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