Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive

Brief IntroductionEvergreen tile adhesive is a mature product and has over 10 year’s history. It has been applied to many big projects like Guangzhou University Center and not a single complaint is aroused. It’s easy to use and reliable. Heavy duty tile adhesive is good for heavy-duty work. Features1. Durable 2. Anti-aging3. Anti-cracking4. Water resistant5. Easy installation 6 Safe and harmless7. High Bonding powerApplicationEvergreen tile adhesive can be used for bonding all kinds of tiles and stone plates,Website:http://www.eialchinas.com, especially for heavy duty work. No matter if the surfaces are rough or smooth, or those with little water absorption, it works very well on them. When installation, there is no need of wetting the tiles or walls, so it is very easy to use, saving time and labor costs.Packing


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