Bluetooth headset


Specifications: 1) Bluetooth V2.0 compliant 2) The longest standby time: over 120 hours 3) The longest talking time: over 5 hours 4) Working range: indoor 5 meters, outdoor 10 meters 5) Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery 6) Weight: 12g 7) Output level: 0dBm 8) Frequency: 2.4GHz 9) Channels: 79 10) Dimensions: 59 x 22.7 x 22.5mmFeatures: 1) Stylish and comfortable design 2) Voice dialing function to support mobile 3) Easy one-touch operation 4) LED indicator light 5) Volume adjustable control 6) Wear it comfortably on either ear 7) 128-bit encrypted link 8) Can also be connected with other Bluetooth devices: PDA and laptop 9) Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile s 10) Hook length is adjustablePacking: Plastic bag


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Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset

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